Apollo Sugar International Medical Center

MRI, a specialty diagnostic imaging centre, provides accurate and immediate MRI scan reports. Our state-of-the-art Airis Elite 0.3 MRI scanner is faster than the other conventional scanners and also providing an enhanced comfort to all the patients. Our clinical experts’ team consists of Radiologists , specialised in the respective field and highly qualified technicians and staffs.

What does “MRI” stand for and how does it work? 

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI uses the principle of magnetic resonance. The hydrogen protons inside our body are magnetizable when placed in a large magnet, like the one in the MRI machine. When the body part goes into the machine, these hydrogen protons get magnetized. Using this property, images are produced of different parts of the body.

Why is MRI such a good modality? 

MRI allows us to exquisitely see different parts of the body. In the brain, it allows us to differentiate between different areas. In the spine, MRI is the only modality that allows us to see the spinal cord. In joints, MRI allows us to view the internal parts of the joints, including ligaments, tendons and menisci. It also allows evaluation of various cardiac structures, as well as functional imaging of various parts of the brain.
MRI does all this by sectioning the body in different planes. Just as it is necessary to slice a loaf of bread to know the quality of the slices, so also, MRI allows us to section the body to view its inner parts. Thus, the skull X-ray only shows us the outer part, whereas MRI shows us the inner partrs of the brain.

Where is MRI useful?

All parts of the body can be scanned with MRI, but it is most useful in the brain, spine, bones, joints and the heart. It also has specific uses in other parts like the chest, abdomen and pelvis. For each part, there are specific indications or reasons for scanning. The referring doctor and the consultant radiologist are the best judges of the usefulness of MRI scanning in a specific situation and area.

Are there any dangers MRI scanning?

Not ordinarily. However if you have any magnetizable items on or in your body, such as aneurysm clips, pacemakers, cardiac prostheses, metallic implants, etc. please inform us immediately, as there could be a problem related to these metallic items. MRI does not require fasting.

What is the injection that I may receive? 

If necessary, you may be injected with a gadolinium-based dye to see things better.

How do we make the MRI experience better?

The machine has a very short “bore”, which significantly reduces claustrophobia. For examinations of the thighs, knees, legs, etc. the head is always outside the machine. We have an excellent music system with headphones that serve to reduce the noise levels in the machine as well as provide soothing music. If you want to listen to any particular music, please bring your CD along.

What therefore are the instructions that the patient should follow?

  • Please get all the old X-rays, Sonography, CT and MR films along with the other papers, operative notes, discharge cards, etc. relevant to the case.
  • There should, preferably be an accompanying friend/relative.
  • Please bring a music CD of your choice
  • Please inform the doctor/nurse/receptionist, if you have any metallic or electromagnetic items in or on your body.
  • Please inform the doctor/nurse/receptionist if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.