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Dr. S. Anand Kumar
Dr Anand kumar has had experience in treating psychiatric illness like Depression, Anxiety , Obsessive compulsive disorder, Psychosis , Substance addiction in Adults. He is also adept at counselling and therapies over the years. He also has experience in treating psychiatric issues in children including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, school refusal, diagnosing intellectual problems/ learning disabilities. Treatment of other childhood disorders like psychotic illness and mood disorders have also been part of his repertoire. He also has experience in diagnosing and treating psychiatric illness in the elderly including Dementia with behavioural problems, late onset psychosis and geriatric depression.Psychiatric illness can also bidirectional with other medical problems including diabetes,hypertension,dyslipidemia,obesity,cardiac problems and hypothyroidism.Dr Anand also has had good liaison experience in dealing with psychiatric illness post neurological illness such as epilepsy,stroke,Parkinson's disease and head injury.
Speciality Specialitites

• Pharmacotherapy • Treatment of anxiety & mood disorders • Treatment of psychotic illness • Child psychiatry • Substance abuse Detoxification and treatment • Old age (Geriatric) psychiatric illness & Memory related problems • Treatment of sleep disorders • Psychotherapy (counseling) • Behavior modification • Family therapy • Individual psychotherapy • Marital counseling • Supportive psychotherapy • Stress Management

DR ANAND KUMAR S is a specialist psychiatrist with over 8 years experience. He has worked extensively in private psychiatry settings in renowned DNB Accredited hospitals in India.He has expertise in psycho pharmacology( Medications for psychiatric illness) and therapies/counselling.

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