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Type 1 diabetes usually diagnosed in children, teenagers, or young adults. In this type of diabetes, the cells of the pancreas stop making insulin because the body has attacked or destroyed these cells. Once diagnosed with TYPE I DM it can be only controlled. It’s very important to be armed with proper information and ways of managing it as the person is more susceptible to other serious problems later like Heart Diseases, Skin problems, eye diseases, kidney and nerve damages.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and can develop at any age. In this type of diabetes, the body does not make enough insulin or the insulin that the body makes does not work the way that it should. Once diagnosed with TYPE II DM it can only be controlled. Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia are two common

Gestational diabetes can occur during the late stages of pregnancy in women. Women who have high blood sugar levels during pregnancy usually are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. One of the reasons for gestational diabetes is said to be the placenta which supports the baby’s growth in mothers womb produces hormones these hormones can sometimes block the insulin produced in the body causing resistance. Gestational Diabetes sets in when the mothers body is unable to use all the insulin it needs for pregnancy. This is called hyperglycemia where the glucose levels in the body are very high.

Pre-diabetes: is a condition which shows high sugar levels in your body but not as high to term you as a diabetic. It is a pre-stage to diabetes and if detected early and taken care off you can actually delay or reverse becoming diabetic